PrismJS command-line hack

Hack for the PrismJS command-line plugin that allows multiple prompts to be defined per code-block.

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Styled <details> (Accordions)

Styling for HTML5 <details> elements, used as accordions.

Expand for Dynamic Variable Example

gi_ints is a list of GigabitEthernet interfaces, which scales with the number of switches in the stack.

Switch Count gi_ints
1 gi1/0/1-36
2 gi1/0/1-36,gi2/0/1-36
3 gi1/0/1-36,gi2/0/1-36,gi3/0/1-36
4 gi1/0/1-36,gi2/0/1-36,gi3/0/1-36,gi4/0/1-36

Custom Callouts

5 custom callout styles (inspired by BookStack callouts).

  • Generic ( white)
  • Info ( blue)
  • Success ( green)
  • Warning ( orange)
  • Danger ( red)

Callouts with <p> tag

This is a plain callout.

This is an informational callout.

This is a success callout

This is a warning callout

This is a danger callout

Callout with <div> tag

Can be used to include line-breaks and markdown in the callout; markdown requires a blank space after the <div>.

This is an informational callout with some inline-code

And a blockquote.

With markdown formatting; e.g. strikethrough

# And a code block.
sudo nano /etc/hostname

And a list

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
    • Sub-item

Steps Tables

Custom format for tables outlining process steps.

  • table thead is collapsed.
  • table tbody tr:nth-child color change; i.e. alternating colors; e.g.
How to hold up three fingers.
Hold up one finger.
Hold up two fingers.
Hold up three fingers.